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TransferGo Ripple Technology Integration | Speeding Things Up

More and more people, companies, and firms are starting to explore Ripple technology. DCEX uses Ripple tech, and now payments provider TransferGo has started too. Well, that’s according to a September 5th press release documenting the TransferGo Ripple technology integration, that is.

TransferGo Ripple Technology Integration: A Smart Move?

On Wednesday, TransferGo announced that it will be rolling out a remittance corridor to India. How? By using Ripple technology. Perhaps the most well-known thing about Ripple tech is that it allows for real-time transactions, which is likely one of the reasons TransferGo decided to make this move.

Right now it’s unclear which Ripple technology the payments provider will use, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. We know everything we need to know: the technology is going to allow TransferGo to replace its slow communications systems, like Swift. And it’s going to give the company more credit in India, as there’s been a massive India Ripple adoption recently.

Who Will Benefit?

Aside from TransferGo itself (this integration “opens up new horizons”), customers of the payments provider will, thanks to Ripple tech, be able to “send money to family and friends,” as well as “make international payments immediately.”

Not the Only Move

Though details were scarce, it is evident that the TransferGo Ripple technology integration is massive news. But it’s not the only crypto/blockchain announcement we’re going to be seeing from TransferGo. In fact, the provider even said this is just the start of its remittances that are blockchain-based.

XRP Price

Though Ripple and XRP are not connected, it’s difficult to talk about Ripple tech without thinking about where XRP is sitting on the market.

At press time, XRP is plunging in the double-digits. Selling for $0.297, XRP is down 10.61%. All of the top-ten coins are in the red zone, with Ethereum (ETH) down just over 13%.

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The Takeaway

What do you think about the TransferGo Ripple technology integration?

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