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Banyan Network (BBN)

Bitfinex & Ethfinex List New Coins

Both Bitfinex and Ethfinex have just announced that they have added three new coins to their platforms today: Autonio (NIO), Banyan Network (BBN), and Digix Gold (DGX).


The world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by its trade volume has just added three new coins to its platform. The cryptocurrency exchange was founded back in 2012 in Hong Kong and is currently registered in Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands.

Trading for Banyan Network (BBN), Autonio (NIO), and Digix Gold (DGX) have all been enabled on the Bitfinex network to be traded against Ethereum and the US dollar.


Ethfinex is a spinoff of Bitfinex but acts as its own independent entity. The exchange capitalizes on Bitfinex’s trading engine but was made to be a community hub for developers, traders, and enthusiasts wanting to share, discuss and crowdsource information.

The exchange offers a community and information hub for ERC20 tokens and Ethereum-based projects. Since the two exchanges work together, it makes sense that the three same tokens were listed on both exchanges today.

Ethfinex will offer zero percent maker fees on its exchange for the next three days. Trading for NIO, DGX, and BBN will be available against ETH and USD.

The exchange’s announcement states:

“All 3 tokens were winners of round 7 of the Ethfinex Community Listing vote, a biweekly listing vote which takes place on Nectar.community – the Nectar (NEC) powered governance platform for Ethfinex users.”

Currently, Ethfinex is the 82nd largest cryptocurrency exchange by its daily trade volume.

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